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Spotlight on HRCCU’s Dedicated Supervisory Committee Volunteers: Part Three

Posted by John Marino on Jan 30, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU) is devoted to its members and the integrity of their financial investments. As part of its overall structure (and a deep desire to remain member centric), a supervisory committee was set in place to always keep members best interests a top priority. The HRCCU’s Supervisory Committee's core purpose is to strengthen all the products and programs within the credit union. The group regularly advises, assists, supports and advocates for credit union members, and it has no legislative, administrative or programmatic authority. It is advisory only in nature, but it is priceless to the satisfaction of HRCCU’s community!

The volunteers on the committee each have a long history with HRCCU as members. Each also brings unique knowledge and skills to the committee, augmenting the expertise of the formal board of directors - all in an effort to guide the organization.  We recently had the opportunity to sit down with our supervisory committee members and talk about volunteerism and their perspectives on being an integral part of HRCCU as members, as well as serving in a valuable oversight capacity.

Part three:  Spotlight on Alvey Harrison

HRCCU:  How long have you been an HRCCU member, and why did you choose HRCCU for your financial needs?

AH: I was born and raised in Corinth, NY. My Mom worked at International Paper, where HRCCU was founded. I had a Johnny Apple Seed account when I was young. So the credit union has been an integral part of my life since childhood.

HRCCU:  How did you become a member of the HRCCU Supervisory Committee, and why was this volunteer position appealing to you?

AH: I attended an annual meeting with my father, and was immediately interested. I spoke with someone on the board and asked about being a volunteer. I’ve always thought it is important to give back to the community. I wanted to use my skills and knowledge of computers and IT management to help others.  

HRCCU:  What duties and responsibilities are required of HRCCU Supervisory Committee members?

AH: We are responsible for ensuring that HRCCU Management is in compliance with federal and state regulations, labor laws, and financial reporting objectives, as well as practices and procedures to safeguard members’ assets. The supervisory committee meets once a month or as needed based on the timing of audits. Meetings include the review of external HRCCU audits, business dealings, etc.

HRCCU:  What is your professional background (aka…your day job)?

AH: My title is Principal HR Information Systems Analyst for GLOBALFOUNDRIES. My day-to-day duties involve managing projects, timelines, funding, deliverables, etc. I have a management degree with a minor in science, technology and society.

HRCCU:  What skills and talents do you bring to the committee position, and what additional skills would compliment others on the committee?

AH: My background in IT, HR Systems and data analytics has been valuable in this position. I also have project management, accounting and finance skills that are beneficial and complement the expertise of my fellow committee members. The main thing is an interest and passion for being involved. I’m interested in seeing all skills and knowledge that are applicable. Anyone with opinions and a basic understanding of finance and accounting, which are also important for the position, would be welcome.

HRCCU:  What do you want people in the community to know about the importance of being a part of the supervisory committee and specifically serving on behalf of HRCCU?

AH: The credit union is a good avenue for getting involved in the community. HRCCU leads the way in helping so many people in surrounding areas. They offer those interested in volunteering a number of great outreach opportunities to tap into. The supervisory committee is the gatekeeper between management reporting and ensuring to the board that financial are depicted in a true and accurate manner. The committee is key to the sustainability and long-term success of the credit union.

HRCCU:  What do you most admire about HRCCU and its impact in the community? AH: HRCCU not only enables the financial security of its members, but it’s also part of important life moments - a first house, first car, etc. HRCCU enabled me at 16 to get my first car and gain my independence.  Since childhood, I’ve been continually drawn by the unparalleled value of HRCCU, which drives a lot of my decisions on the committee.

HRCCU:  What would you say to encourage others to become a member of HRCCU?

AH: All of the great people who comprise and run the HRCCU (from the management team and board to each staff member) make it an outstanding option for its members’ banking needs.  At the end of the day, HRCCU’s collective team is always looking out for the best interests of its members (shareholders).

For more information about involvement with HRCCU’s community outreaches or for details about our banking services, please come see us in person at one of our branches (Cohoes, Corinth, Glens Falls, Hudson Falls and Troy), or enjoy a helpful chat by phone at: 518-654-9028 or 1-800-824-0700. If you prefer to see what we’re all about online, please go to  To become a volunteer with HRCCU, please go to

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