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5 Podcasts for Your Finances

Posted by Adam Rossi on Sep 16, 2019 1:00:00 PM


If you’re trying to develop a better understanding of how to manage your finances, finding good resources that can help you get where you want to be can be difficult. One resource that can be extremely helpful (and doesn’t monopolize your time) is immersing yourself into the world of financial podcasts! Podcasts are an especially helpful tool because they tend to be short, but not too short. For example, you can throw a podcast on during your morning commute and get through it by the time you get to work, or you can listen to a bunch of them if you’re taking a longer trip - many of them have an extensive back catalog. 

Basically, a good podcast can be chock-full of a ton of valuable information without eating up too much of your time, because it’s so easy and convenient to listen while also doing other things. Here’s 5 financial podcasts we think do a great job at talking about managing and understanding the intricacies of the world of money - and stay entertaining while doing it!

  1. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

    So Money is a jack-of-all-trades sort of financial podcast. Largely interview based, host Farnoosh Torabi speaks to people from all over the map, from business owners and authors to influencers unveiling their own personal philosophies and habits when it comes to managing money. Farnoosh also spends some episodes just answering listener questions, which act as a valuable deep dive into a variety of different topics and problems, all with a positive but practical outlook.

    Start With: “839: Ask Farnoosh: Best Way to Save for a House”

  2. Planet Money

    Produced by NPR, Planet Money isn’t a podcast that’s specifically focused on financial advice; instead it opts to pluck stories about the economy from both daily headlines and history. While it won’t give you any hard recommendations on what you should do, it does an excellent job of broadening the listeners view on how worldwide economies of the past and present actually function, and this is a case of the old adage, “knowledge is power”. Plus, it usually clocks in at under 30 minutes, which makes for a short but information-stuffed pod.

    Start With: “#866: Modern Monetary Theory”

  3. The Dave Ramsey Show

    Probably the most old-school of the podcasts on this list, The Dave Ramsey Show may at first seem a bit slow, but be patient! It follows a more conventional radio format, with listeners calling in to ask for advice on financial snafus that they find themselves in. While The Dave Ramsey Show may not have quite the same modern feel that other pods do, it does provide listeners with a ton of financial information gleaned from real, everyday financial situations and debt problems. It’s closeness to common problems makes it worth a listen!

    Start With: “What to Look for in a Budget Car”

  4. Journey to Launch

    Hosted by blogger and money coach Jamilia Souffrant, Journey to Launch proclaims that its goal is to “help others reach financial freedom”. Jamilia talks to individuals from all across the map about their own path to financial freedom and financial independence with an eye toward educating and inspiring. Whether you’re looking to build a plan to pay off debt or want some pointers on saving money, this podcast is a great introduction to complicated financial concepts.

    Start With: “081- Atomic Habits: How Tiny Changes Spark Remarkable Results with James Clear”

  5. The Stacking Benjamins Show

    Covering everything from financial news to interviews with experts, The Stacking Benjamins Show approaches the financial world seriously, but not too seriously. Money management is a serious thing, but the injection of humor that the hosts bring is refreshing in a crowd of sometimes-too-serious podcasts. It features a blend of advice, education, humor and original topic concepts that makes for an entertaining and information rich listen.

    Start With: “Would The Godfather, Don Draper, or Pam Beasley Qualify For Life Insurance?”

Are all of these podcast recommendations making you eager for some other financial learning resources? Read our blog, “3 Money Mistakes That Millennials Need to Stop Making”!